Monday, December 31, 2012

Chris Mubiru,the reknown sodomite has been arrested

Illicit Acts by Chris Mubiru

Following recent media reports of a one Chris Mubiru who is alleged to have been sexually abusing minors, government of Uganda wishes to condemn such acts in the strongest terms possible.
As a result, government of Uganda through the Uganda Police Force has opened up a General Inquiry file and is now looking for Mr Mubiru for interrogation. However, police has since confirmed that Mr Mubiru quietly left the country on Saturday morning at 5.00am aboard Turkish Airways number 606 and he is believed to have headed to either USA or Canada.
In this regard, Uganda Police has sent out a request to INTERPOL to arrest Mr Mubiru wherever he has escaped to and hand him over to Uganda Police for further interrogation.
Through several video images so far availed in the media Mr Mubiru seemed to have been luring minors into sexual harassment.
As you are aware defilement is a punishable offense according to our penal code……any person who attempts to perform a sexual act with another person who is below the age of 18 years commits an offense and is on conviction, liable to imprisonment not exceeding 18 years. (This is under section 1, 29 of the Penal Code replaced).
Uganda Police is therefore appealing to all Ugandans who have empirical evidence regarding these heinous acts by a one Chris Mubiru to come over and share it with the force.
Government further to the public to be vigilant  and identify such individuals who are luring our  vulnerable young children into such acts to report them to police before situations get out of hand.
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