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TelexFREE Opportunity

TelexFREE Review

At first when I found out about this opportunity it almost seemed too good to be true.  So I took a deeper look at the inner structure of the compensation plan, the products and services.  I have also done an extensive research on the owners of the company as well as the business overall and to my astonishment this may prove to be the premier Network Marketing company of the century.  On this Telexfree Review I will be revealing my discoveries.
Lets first go over the legitimacy of this Company.  I’ve had my fair share of getting in some hot deal that was here today and gone tomorrow.  I really did my due diligence this time and I hope you will too.  Utilize the information I’ve already obtained and save yourself a lot of time.
Telexfree is an 11 year old company and was first registered under the name “Common Cents Communications” in 12/31/2002.  It’s name changed to Telexfree on 2/15/2012.  The main product of the company is VOIP technology.  In January of 2012 they launched their product marketing arm as a network marketing opportunity in Brazil.  Why Brazil?  Brazil had a bigger market for the product and less competition.
Business corporation registrations below.
Corporations Division of Massachusett - 3           Brazil register 2
The website to look up the Corporate registration forms above are found on at the links below.

James Merrill1President and CEO
James Merrill is the President of the company with it’s headquarters located at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752.
Born in 1961, son of traditional American couple, James Merrill graduated in the class of 1985 in economics at Westfield State University. As a man of vision, he saw a huge market once he met some Brazilians and found out that they spent way too much making calls to Brazil. Knowledgeable about a new era of technology (VOIP), he decided to found the predecessor to Telexfree Inc. in 2002 to serve this market. The credits were sold in VOIP rechargeable cards, which became a huge success, which was later directed to diverse communities in other countries, and thus Telexfree grew with each passing year.
Currently TelexFree already has hundreds of thousands of users of its system of voice over IP (VOIP Technology) within the United States, Brazil, Canada and in about 40 countries. James Merrill continues to make steady and huge investments to further enhance its borders. Following his instincts, James Merrill initiated a new challenge and launched in Brazil, a project simply linking two huge markets: ADVERTISING & COMMUNICATION. Telexfree launched in Brazil January 1, 2012. The company exploded gaining over 400,000 members in just 12 months.

Legal-Counsel-Gerald-P.-NehraLegal Counsel for Telexfree is Gerald P. Nehra, Muskegon, Michigan, is a lawyer specializing in MLM law, licensed in the states of Michigan, New York, Colorado and the Federal Court of the United States.
His 42 years of legal experience included 8 years in IBM’s legal team and 9 years as Director of the Legal Division of Amway Corporation.  His private law practice, was established in 1992, Nehra & Waak Lawyers, which exclusively serves to the legal needs of direct selling companies.
The company holds an exclusive partnership with TelexFree to protect their specific legal interests.You are invited to visit the firm web site at:
No Company that retains this law firm has ever been shut down by the regulators!


Telexfree Headquarters in the USA

Address: 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200   Marlborough, MA 01752


Telexfree Headquarters in Brazil

Avenida Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes,    955/20 from the floor Cove Shua Vitória – ES / Cep: 29050-335

Visits to the company

To better serve them, to visit the headquarters of Brazil, Vitória in Espírito Santo. You must make an appointment with the company.
  • Day of visit: Tuesday and Thursday.
  • 15 days in advance.
  • To schedule a visit, please email
  • Schedules will be released when available. Wait for confirmation e-mail.

As I am writing this Review todalexa rankingay, the company website is currently ranked in the top 50 of the Alexa Rankings in Brazil. (Alexa is a company that ranks Websites based on the amount of traffic it gets.)
It is climbing higher and higher each week meaning more and more people are understanding the power of this opportunity and joining, increasing traffic to the website.
Company Quick Facts:
  • 1)  A 13 year old track record.
  • 2)  A cash loaded and capital heavy company.
  • 3)  Developed and owns the software.
  • 4)  Products and services with global appeal.
  • 5)  An 11-Year contractual agreement through 2024.
  • 6)  Compensation Plan that delivers on time, every time.
  • 7)  Over 1 Million active Promoters worldwide.
  • 8)  About 3,000 Promoters in USA.
  • 9) Launched Advertising arm as Network Marketing Opportunity in Brazil on January 1st, 2012.
  • 10) 23 Documented Millionaires in 2012.

Telexfree Products

Call To Over 40 Countries: Landlines & Cell Phones!
With TelexFREE you can call more than 40 countries paying a low single monthly fee.
Now call friends, relatives, business associates!

Free Video Calls

Why just talk when you can see each other as if they were in the same room?
Make video calls with your family, friends or acquaintances around the globe. Enjoy!
Additional Services Included in Software and Plan.
voip services
All this for the low cost of $49.90 per Month.
Here’s the thing, whether you think the product is great or not makes no difference to whether or not you will make money in this company.  Normally when you join a business you have to believe in the product in order to make money because you have to sell it.  Here in Telexfree you are NOT paid to sell this product.  You will be under contract to get paid for 52 weeks as long as you put in your required advertising once everyday.
If the product sells, great you made 90% which is $44.91
If the product does not sell, great you can sell it back to Telexfree and get $20.00
Either way you make money.
So whats the catch?  Yup there is catch and here it is:
You must remember to place your ads everyday.  If you skip a day you will miss out on the weeks Pay.  It literally does take only 5 minutes to get it done but if you feel thats still too much of a task for you, we have third party companies that our team has partnered with who will place the ads for you for as little as $8.00 per month.  Your business can be on auto-pilot creating passive income for you.

Telexfree Compensation Plan

1. Ad Placement Payment
When people join TelexFree to promote the business opportunity, they join with a partner position of $50 which only allows you to earn a 10% commission when someone buys the product from your site.  Usually promoters upgrade to either with an Ad Central package $289 or the Ad Central Family pack for $1375. Here is the summary of the two different plans:
The AdCentral Pack:
  • 10 licenses of the long distance service valued at $49.90 each or a retail value of $499. Your cost is $289, and when these packages are sold to your referrals,  you’ll get back the $289 plus an extra $200.
  •  A contract allowing you to post 1 ad per day and earn advance commissions up to $20 per week or $1,040 for up to 52 weeks.
The AdCentral Family Pack:
  • 50 licenses of the long distance service valued at $2495 with your cost being $1375. If you sold all 50 licenses to referrals during the year you would get back your $1375 plus $1,120 in retail commissions.
  • A contract allowing you to post 5 ads per day and earn advance commissions up to $100 per week or $5,200 for up to 52 weeks.
NOTE: The payments of $289 per Adcentral package and $1375 Adcentral Family package are one time payments only.  Once purchased, you own a contract with Telexfree to pay you every week for 52 weeks, so long as you place one ad per day per Adcentral package.
-NO monthly Fees  /  NO auto-ship / NO auto-billing 
This is a NO-Brainer:  Pay One time $289 and get a minimum of $1040 back Guaranteed!
You can also buy as many one time Adcentral Packs at $289 as you want.
2. Retail Commissions
When the daily online ads that you place promoting the company’s product lead to a sale, or, if you actively promote of this product to friends, family, or anyone offline which results in a sale, you will receive a 90% COMMISSION for that product.
This means for every product that you initially sell, you make a retail commission of $44.91.

3. Sponsorship Bonus
You earn $20 for every member that you recruit who purchases a $289 Adcentral Package and $100 for every member that you recruit who purchases a $1375 Family Ad Central Package.
There is no limit to the number of members that your can recruit and therefore no limit to your sponsorship bonus.

4. 2X Infinity (Binary Bonus)
As long as you have recruited two personal referrals (one on your left and one on your right in your binary) as well as having ONE CUSTOMER (note: you can be your own customer), then you are entitled to this Binary Bonus.
Anytime that you complete A CYCLE (having one new member on your left and a corresponding new member on your right, regardless of who referred these members) you earn $20 (for the Adcentral level) and $80 (for the Family Adcentral level).
This Binary Bonus can bring  significant income. The company allows you to earn up to $15,000 PER DAY
5. Retail Residual Commissions (5 Levels Deep)
In that this product comes with a recurring monthly cost, you receive $4.99 PER MONTH from each of your DIRECT CUSTOMERS who have purchased the product from you AND you also receive $0.99 PER MONTH from all the customers belonging to all of your downline members down an entire 5 GENERATIONS. HUGE RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME for all of those who are dedicated to actively building this business.

6. Six (6) Generations Of Passive Income
In addition you are also going to receive 2% of all the money that your downline receives just for placing their ads. This extends down 6 generations of downline.
To summarize this procedure: You purchase a package, you place your ads and get paid. You refer others to this program and they do the same: everyone places their ads and everyone gets paid, guaranteed!
YOU now receive 2% of ALL of these other people’s earnings which were received from placing their ads… down 6 generations.

7. Group Earnings Bonus Pool
Members who attain 22 cycles per day for 20 days straight share in 1% of another of the Company’s Bonus Pools. This is easily attainable since your entire network basically builds your binary for you and earnings there can really be amazing.
8. Team Builder Bonus Pool
TelexFREE Promoters who are at the $1375 Family package who personally sponsor 10 Family Packages all with 5 customers each within 60 days,will share in another 2% additional bonus pool from total monthly company revenue up to $39,600.

TelexFree is already creating MILLIONAIRES and now is YOUR turn to take advantage of the timing and explosive growth happening in TelexFREE. In a very short time with the debut of the TelexFREE business model in Brazil, there have been a number of individuals who have achieved millionaire status.  With the introduction of the system in the United States, I can see this to be the biggest opportunity in Network Marketing history.

The next Step

I’ve been in the Network Maketing Industry for over 15 years, I’ve never seen anything like this.  As a matter of fact my last Network Marketing deal was over 5 years ago.  I stopped doing Network Marketing because quite frankly, I’m just tired of going to meetings after meetings and the non-stop phone calls.  Most importantly, I was fed up with seeing so many of my friends and family that I brought into the business lose time and money and not make any money.
Telexfree has really changed the game.  Here is an opportunity for everyone and I mean Everyone to make money, regardless if you sell anything or recruit anyone.

Choose to succeed!

With TelexFREE, success is easy


Keys to Success in Telexfree:
Because of the binary compensation plan, meaning you will only build with 2 legs.  Everyone else that you recruit will fall under those two legs.  It is important to align yourself with a fast growing team.  A team that can help push recruits as spill overs onto your team.
Our TelexFREE team is the fastest growing USA team. Here’s what we have to help you grow your business when you join our team.
  • Top Notch Offline and Online Marketing training
  • High converting capture pages
  • High converting and Unique Sales funnel
  • Step by Step instructional video tutorials
  • Custom Banners and logos for business cards and Advertising
  • Mindset and personal Development trainings
  • Daily Business Opportunity Webinars
  • Large team meetings and events
Our Telexfree Team leaders have been in the industry for years and have built teams in the thousands.
In our team, No One is left behind.  Everyone makes money, Period!
Here’s the bottom Line: Is it a scam? No! Stop wasting time and do not miss out on this opportunity!
Over a million people around the world have already joined.  Guess what, over a million people in this company are making money.  That is insane and unheard of in Network Marketing.  If you are in the USA, the opportunity is that there are less than 3000 people in Telexfree, meaning the opportunity is wide open for you.  Talk about ground floor this is it!
Everybody will want to join.  Nobody will want to Quit. Why? Simple, Everyone makes money.
I know you may still have some questions because nobody reads everything anyways so click here to ask your questions.  Get your questions answered ASAP.  This opportunity is moving fast, don’t miss this boat or should I say don’t miss this jet!
I also encourage you to attend our daily live Webinars about this incredible opportunity.  CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

All the best,
Lutaya Shafiq Holmes


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