Saturday, December 15, 2012

‘I have a cure for HIV/AIDS’ , Claims UAH’s Ogwal in USA

The Cure for HIV/AIDS is available. Like all other forms of cancer, HIV/AIDS (a type of cancer) can be cured, if you want to get cured. I claim that HIV/AIDS and other forms of cancer have a cure because we have evidences of ex-HIV/AIDS people and ex-cancer patients (colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer etc). We have treated people who have been walking virus-free or cancer-free for years now. Those who died either refused to take our treatments or never believed us. Some of the cured ones have their testimonies on tapes; others have been documented in black and white.
Another info you need to know is that, this “curse, the HIV/AIDS epidemic” is a man-made disease, developed from a Lab in the early 70s, by some selfish scientist (a microbiologist). The “virus”/chemical” was first tested on a “specific group of people” in some “specific cities”. Once found effective, it is currently used as a WMD TO CONTROL THE WORLD POPULATION IN SOME SPECIFIC GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS.
And until the sponsors of this “carnage” and ” their messengers” are satisfied that the “population of interest” are reduced to a manageable number, and that they (the target population) no longer pose as a threat to their “National Security”, they (the sponsors) are not about to stop the killings. If you have a chemistry background, you will understand if I try to explain HIV biochemical structure to you. Once you understand the biochemical structure, it is pretty easy to figure out the “HIV puzzle/configuration” and how you can “arrest the virus”, “chock it” and “block its multiplication”.
Medical drugs cannot undo the DNA configuration of the virus, because their weapons would be considered “acts of treason”. As a result, the current drugs on the market such as AZTs are just meant to keep the “HIV victims” alive for a short period 5-10 years. But we on other side of the camp, the “Alternative medical camp” can identify the virus, stop and kill it and free the victims. That is what I referred to as a “cure”.
All the mess and lies you read in Uganda Medias about “testing HIV/AIDS preventive medicine” such as the most recent ones on some Ugandan women, was and will always be a hoax. Don’t be deceived. It is a game called “buying time”. Medicine is a
multi-billion dollar business. If they were to come up with a cure today for, say, “cancer, malaria, diabetes, arthritis, ulcers” etc, they would be put out of business. In brief, the drug manufacturers are not about finding a drug/medicine that “cures” anything. But to used their drugs/chemicals to treat and manage symptoms of a disease, while the victims, the sick, are paying heavily and getting broke and dying.
Dr.Mike Ogwal
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