Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pictures of The Most Beautiful Uganda Women


Aisha Ismail

She is married, living in Kampala and born on 27th Decemeber. She is a member of 'Uganda Muslim Brothers & Sisters( UMBS) on facebook
Aisha Rashid Lukwago
 She is a manager at a clinic on AIDS research owned by Dr. Rashid Lukwago. She has got tow degrees from both Islamic University of Uganda and University of Manila

Brenda Nabukenya
She is a dietician at NDC in Kampala and a member of 'Ugandans At Heart' forum.

Nakishimail Aisha

She works at UMEME offices. She is an OG of both Kibuli .S.S and Mbogo High School. She graduated from MUBS. She is also a member of 'Uganda Muslim Brothers & Sisters(UMBS).

Eva Rukikaire Mwine
She is one of the daughters of former cabinet minister, Mathew Rukikaire. She is married to Winston Mwine. She owns Travel and Tour agency in Kampala.
Fatimyu Yusuf Ashuariah 
She is a an OG of Taiba Secondary School and Green Hill Academy. She is also a member of 'UMBS'

Aaliyah Sharif

She is a Ugandan originally from Jinja but lives in London.She is married and a member of UMBS

Baariann Nyanjura
She is a model and a member of 'Ugandans At Heart' Forum
Angella Katatumba

She is musician and a daughter to the famous Bonny Katatumba. She is a graduate of Oxford Brooks University.
Vicky Ruth
She is a graduate of Makerere University and a member of UAH.
Afrah Mahmoud Saad
She is a member of UMBS. She works at Metropolitan Forex Bureau and she is an OG of Kibuli .S.S and MUBS.

Dr.  Alie Rugaya
She is a member of UMBS and studied medicine at  Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences
Aisha Basajabalaba

She is a daughter of Kampala Tycoon, Hassan Basajjabalaba. She is married and studied at Kampala International university
Safah Abdallah
She is a member of UMBS and works at Uganda parliament offices.She is a graduate of Islamic University of Uganda
Fatuma Nagujja.She is a member of UMBS. She is also OG of both Kawempe Muslim school and Kyambogo University. She is a resident of Seeta in Mukono.
Mpungu Afrah. She is a member of UMBS and resides in London, United Kingdom.
Brenda Kiberu Kalema. She is an OG of Kibuli High School. She used to be the treasurer for the famous Uganda organization in North America called UNAA. She is a graduate of Wayne State University and lives in USA.
She is a FDC political activist and a member of UAH forum. She has been in prison more times than any other Ugandan lady for fighting for human rights and freedom of Ugandans.
Mrs.Rashidah Nassali Mutebi. She is the Secretary for UMBS in Uganda. She is a graduate of Makerere University.She is married to Mr.Mutebi Hamza who is based in London
Iryn Namubiru is a musician in Kampala.She had her education at Mityana Senior Secondary School , then she continued to Bugema Adventist (She says that there was a lot singing going on) and then she continued to Namasagali College .
Julian Kanyomozi is also a musician in Kampala.She is a female artist behind tracks like Say Yes, Nabikoowa and Nkulinze.
 Zuena Kirema is married to Musician, Bebe Cool.
Zari Hussein is a Ugandan socialite, businesswoman and budding musician  based in South Africa. She is 31 years old and a mother to three kids.
Doreen Baingana is a multiple-award winning Ugandan author, who is based in Washington, USA. She won the 2003 Associated Writing Programs Award for Short Fiction for her short story collection, Tropical Fish: Stories out of Entebbe. She is also the winner of the 2004 Washington Independent Writers Fiction Prize, and was a two-time finalist for the Caine Prize for African Writing, in 2004 and 2005. Her most recent award is the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for The Best First Book Award in the Africa region for Tropical Fish: Stories Out of Entebbe. Incidentally, Baingana is also a columnist for the African Woman Magazine and is a member of the Ugandan women writers association, FEMRITE.

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