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BIG Progress We Have Made HiPipo Music Awards 2014 Chairman Speech

For and on behalf of HiPipo Music Awards organizing committee, delivered by John Mark Ssebunnya Chairman HiPipo Music Awards organizing committee at the Awards Gala Night on 8th February 2014, Wonderworld  Kansanga
BIG Progress We Have Made!
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen: It is will great pleasure that on behalf of the second HiPipo Music Awards organizing committee and my own behalf I welcome you all to the Second HiPipo Music Awards! Thank you all for honoring our invitations and turning up with the class and glamor that duly fits this function.
As you are aware, HiPipo Music Awards, is an annual production that gives music stakeholders an opportunity to recognize and reward artists that have had an exceptional musical performance throughout the year. The second HiPipo Music Awards project with the theme, The Fans Decide kicked off in October 2013 and is culminating into this grand gala night on which we are honored to host you all music fans and our sponsors.
In my capacity as project chairman and co-founder of HiPipo (U) Limited the brainchild of this project, I with pleasure sum up the journey to this gala night as a journey that has been graced with persistence, perseverance and patience. Over the period of 8 years since HiPipo (U) Limited was founded in 2006/7, several people’s individual sacrifices and offers have kept us afloat and individually financed our several digital and music projects at different levels. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the following people without whose support we possibly could not have been seated here:
  1. Dr Frederick Wamala:  Chairman  HiPipo (U) Limited
  2. Innocent Kawooya: CMO and Co-Founder
  3. Med Kimbugwe – Creative Director
  4. Nicholas Kalungi -  Co-Founder
  5. Tonny Miiro – Board Member
  6. Vincent Sekyanzi – Board Member
  7. Matthew Owen Lwanga – Events Manager
  8. Martin Sekajuga – Deputy CMO
  9. Jovinah Bulezi
  10. Dickson Kawooya
  11. Beneth Musime
  12. Ismail Kaddu
  13. Vincent Lubega
  14. Kisitu Augustine
  15. Kasakya George
  16. Levin Maurice Mubiru
  17. Simon Peter Mayanja
The Second HiPipo Music Awards was launched in October, starting with regional tours during which we were in South:Masaka, West:Mbarara, North:Gulu and East:Jinja. Following the regional tours, nomination were released and voting on digital online platforms and sms supported by True African commenced together with other event organization activities that are culminating into this Gala Night. Allow me to point out some big improvements showcasing the progress we have made between the First HiPipo Music Awards and Second HiPipo Music Awards project
  1. We changed theme from “The Online Music Excellence” to “The Fans Decide”.
  2. We increased categories from 23 to 45 categories.
  3. Created special categories such as “MTN Most Selling Song” that recognizes digital Music Sales through MTN VAS.
  4. Conducted Regional Tours in 4 regions of Uganda.
  5. Changed Venue from 700 seats auditorium to this majestic wonderworld auditorium
  6. Changed accolades design from glass material to more classy metal that was funded by our sponsors MTN Uganda.
  7. Red carpet increased from 20 meters to 60 meters.
These and many other changes have come with a budget increase four times bigger than the first project! These big improvements and changes would not have been feasible without support of our sponsor brands that believe in promoting Uganda Music. I extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Sponsors and Partners
  2.  Huawei Technologies Uganda
  3. Red Pepper Publications
  4. Pepsi Uganda
  5. Calsberg – Our Official Beer Partner
  6. Tonito Exquisite Logistics
  7. Uptime Solutions
  8. Efrivo Limited and CyberPlc our Sister Companies
  9. True African
  10. And Special Thanks to All Media Houses and Media Personalities
Amidst several that doubted our determination, and commitment to serve Uganda in this domain, I further extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals who believed in our team, encourage us and advised us wherever possible. These special persons include
  1.  Mr Ernst Fonternel: MTN Uganda CMO
  2. Mr Aggrey Kagonyera: MTN Uganda Sponsorship and Events Senior Manager
  3. Kasuku Media -Our PR Coordinator
  4. HiPipo Fans Club Members
Lastly all artists, music fans and all music stakeholders: You are the reason we are here tonight. To all those nominated, Congratulations and best of luck tonight! To the winners that are going to emerge tonight, Weldon and keep producing better music till the Third HiPipo Music Awards that will be held next year 2015 in February!

With the above summing up the big progress we have made, I wish you all a memorable 2nd HiPipo Music Awards Gala Night!

Thank you!
For and on behalf of HiPipo Music Awards organizing committee, delivered by John Mark Ssebunnya Chairman HiPipo Music Awards organizing committee at the Awards Gala Night on 8th February 2014, Wonderworld  Kansanga

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