Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another Bukedde TV Presenter Caught Cheating

Bukedde’s Agatalikko Nfufu is the most watched news bulletin in Uganda and one of the reasons for that is Sanyu Robinah Mwiruka who many consider the best news anchor at Vision group, but what she is going through right now is beyond explanation as her pictures and video were exposed by one of the local tabloid papers.
Barely a week after Katongole Omutongole also from Bukedde TV was all over the news for allegedly defiling a senior two student, Sanyu Mwiruka’s was filmed committing adultery with her best friend’s man.
It is said Sanyu is married but has been cheating with her best friend’s man for over a year now according to the paper and that she was putting on her marital ring in the video that is making rounds on social media platforms.
The presenter hasn’t come out yet to accept or deny the allegations but all indications show there was no photoshop in the video and pictures.
She is now the third public figure in a period of less than a year to be involved in such a situation after artists Desire Luzinda and Zari.
Mwiruka has been an outstanding news anchor with quite a good reputation at Vision group being considered a role model to upcoming news readers.
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