Sunday, March 22, 2015

AK47 death probe: bouncer who recorded statement is fake

A bouncer who recorded a statement at Kabalagala police station in regards to singer Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47's death is not the one that was seen at the scene on that fateful Monday evening, according to a waitress.

AK47, who was laid to rest last Thursday in Mityana, died Monday evening after he reportedly collapsed in the restrooms of Dejavu bar owned by Jeff Kiwanuka in Kabalagala.

There are varied accounts of what exactly transpired that evening before the singer was rushed to Nsambya hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In one account a bouncer who is yet unidentified, is reported to have followed AK47 to the restrooms before a loud thud was heard by the cleaner, Milton Mumbere.
Dejavu bar is the scene of contradicting accounts of what happened last Monday night. PHOTO/Moses Nsubuga
The media quoted Mumbere saying that as he went to the restrooms to see what had fallen he met the bouncer rushing out of the restrooms and told him the singer had collapsed.

Mumbere found AK47 lying on the floor, frothing from the mouth and bleeding from nose and ears. The bouncer was later reported missing, but showed up at police later on Thursday and made a statement.

The bouncer, who identified himself as Thomas Mwima, made a statement contradicting Mumbere's narration, saying instead he was called by the cleaner when AK47 collapsed on the floor of the restrooms.

However in a twist of events, a waitress who works at the bar, speaking on condition of anonymity, says the bouncer who went to Kabalagala police was not the one that was seen dashing from the restrooms that fateful evening.

The waitress says that evening, at the bar, she saw a bouncer whose face was not familiar and she wonders why he has not been mentioned anywhere in this spellbinding mystery.

Diamond Oscar, a musician who was at the bar that evening, and drove AK47 to Nsambya hospital after he was found passed out in the restrooms corroborates this version.

He says he and others he was seated with, including Jeff, were informed of the singer's condition by a bouncer he had never seen.

Mumbere is yet to report to the Police to record a statement.

It has also emerged that last Saturday night the late singer was besieged by a group of bouncers and assaulted in the parking lot of Centenary Park.

AK47 had just walked out of a heated argument at Laughters Bar situated at Centenary Park where the members of Team No Sleep are common revelers.

A reveler who witnessed the altercation said AK47 got into a heated argument with the people he was with that night before he stormed out of the bar.

When he got to his car he was jumped by a group of bouncers who beat him up before he was rescued by revelers who heard him yelling for help.
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