Sunday, March 1, 2015

Global Estate Fund Frequently asked Questions

1. What was the investment fund created for and what purposes does it have?

Investment funds were initially created for the private persons having the free funds, but lacking necessary knowledge and experience for independent financial instruments trading. Trusting the money to professional managing directors investors create a source of the passive income with a low risk level.

2. What are the advantages of investments into the Fund?

The investments will bring stable high income without intervention/participation of the investor. As investment is extremely difficult type of activity profitable working in this area can reach the fortunate few. If you have spare cash but you have no experience and theoretical knowledge – trust management of your investments to professionals.

3. What are your goals?

Our goal is to develop the constant income for our clients worldwide having provided them with easy and available instruments. Our investment offer is a highly remunerative source with the minimum risks and the highest level of service. All our thoughts and efforts are focused on maintenance of our desire to be the best in the field of online investing. To learn more please visit about us pages.

4. Who manages the Global EstateFunds Group?

Our team consists of group of professional analysts with extensive experience in real estate sphere. Staff is divided into 3 departments which trace all tendencies and changes in several regions for the full and objective analysis of the situation in the world. We try to justify hopes of our investors in successful and mutually advantageous cooperation in long-term prospect.

5. Where is the company Global Estate Funds located?

The Company Global Estate Funds has an office in London. For more detailed information the address and a contact data please see section “Feedback”.

6. What is required to do in order to become an investor of the Global EstateFunds Company?

To become an investor it is necessary to be registered on a site of the company and to create a personal account. It takes a lot of time, but allows you to become an investor and to gain profit.

7. How long does your investment company exist?

Our investment company exists 4 years for a selected circle of clients. Recently we have decided to enter into the Internet so all people have possibility to use our services.

8. Do I have to pay taxes on the money earned in your investment fund?

It depends on whether your country requires you to pay capital gains tax. Global EstateFunds provides and guarantees confidentiality and undertakes not to send the information on investors to tax authorities.

9. How can I earn with Global Estate Funds?

Everything that you need to do is to be registered and deposit money. The main part of work is carried out by our analysts and managing directors. Every day you can control the status of your account and see the details of your deposit and earnings.

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