Friday, January 1, 2016

Kanye West Says He Is Finally Going To Move Out Of America

Mr. West’s frustration with his country boiled over in a recent incident involving his wife, reality star and pop culture icon Kim Kardashian. Allegedly, after a business event at a Beverly Hills hotel, she was accosted by a teenager who made disparaging remarks of a discriminatory nature directed at Kim Kardashian, referring to her as some racist name.
kanye west copyKim responded fairly kindly, simply stating, “That isn’t a nice word.”
Kanye was less reserved in his reaction, allegedly punching the teenage square in the face. Mr. West then threatened to flee the country so his daughter, North West, need not grow up in a country where racism is tolerated. The ability to skip on assault charges would only be a convenient addition. Kanye talked to reporters, saying, “I’ll be damned if I raise my family around racism and ignorance. I’ve got enough money to buy our own island.”
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