Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ryan: Obama gun actions 'a distraction'

“We will look at all of our options but will not take this distraction for more than it is — a distraction,” Ryan added.

At his first news conference of 2016, the Speaker attempted to shift the media’s focus from gun control back to ObamaCare. The House later on Wednesday will put a bill on Obama’s desk repealing his signature healthcare law and defunding Planned Parenthood; Obama has vowed a swift veto.
A day earlier, Obama dominated the news cycle by unveiling a package of unilateral actions aimed at curbing gun violence. The centerpiece of the package would require gun sellers — whether they do business in a store, at gun shows or online —to be licensed and conduct background checks on buyers.
But Ryan suggested existing law already requires those buying and selling guns to have a federal firearms license or FFL.
“There isn’t a loophole,” Ryan said after meeting with rank-and-file GOP lawmakers where the gun issue was discussed. “This is a distraction. The president clearly does not respect the Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens.”
Ryan has said a lawsuit would likely be filed to stop Obama’s gun actions, but the Speaker wouldn’t say if congressional Republicans would be the ones leading the fight in the courts. Other possibilities include legislation to overturn or defund Obama’s policies.
“We’re looking at all of our options,” Ryan said.
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