Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trump: Jeb ‘a total embarrassment’ to his family

Donald Trump’s New Year’s resolution apparently was not “be nicer to Jeb Bush.”
The Republican presidential front-runner is re-upping attacks on two of his favorite 2016 foes — Bush and Hillary Clinton.
He started a series of Saturday tweets by saying Bush’s lackluster presidential campaign has brought shame upon his family.
“[Jeb Bush] is a sad case,” Trump wrote. “A total embarrassment to both himself and his family, he just announced he will continue to spend on Trump hit ads!”
In a separate tweet, the billionaire businessman called Bush a “low energy ‘stiff’ who should focus his special interest money on the many people ahead of him in the polls.”
He said the ads are futile, adding that the former Florida governor “Has no chance!”
Trump then turned his attention to Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, criticizing her for opposing his plan to halt Muslim immigration to the country.
“Hillary Clinton said that it is O.K. to ban Muslims from Israel by building a WALL, but not O.K. to do so in U.S.,” he said in a tweet. “We must be vigilant!”
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