Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trump: Obama setting precedent on executive orders

In the wake of the president’s decision to issue an executive order on gun control, Trump said Obama is setting a precedent for future chief executives to follow.
“Well, I will say this: There’s a lot of precedent based on what he’s doing,” Trump said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when asked if he would use the same tactic as president.
The Republican primary front-runner also said he would rescind several of the executive orders issued by Obama.
“I mean, he just – the one thing good about executive orders: The new president, if he comes in – boom, first day, first hour, first minute, you can rescind that,” he said.
The billionaire businessman said he is opposed to Obama’s attempt to curb gun purchases, arguing the problem has more to do with mental health than the availability of firearms.
“Right now, they have plenty of rules and regulations,” he said. “And they should be looking at mental health.”
“I mean, we should build, like, institutions for people that are sickos,” he added. “We have sickos all over the place. And that’s the problem.”
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