Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Probably The Best Harry Potter Tree You'll Ever See

Decked from head to stump with décor from her 11 Warner Bros. Studio Tour visits, the 29-year-old had to DIY some of the decorations to attach them to the ferns. With references to the series on meticulously placed on every branch, ornaments include Marauder’s Map, Professor Umbridge, The Hogwarts Express, Hermoine’s Time Turner and Honeydukes candy. Oh, and don’t forget the letter of acceptance to Hogwarts we all missed on our eleventh birthday. Unable to fit all of her HP merchandise without it turning into a festive buckaroo, the base of the tree is also adorned with the larger items such as a stuffed Hedwig (the real one wasn’t available) and the Nimbus 2000. And to top it all off, the Sorting Hat sits comfortably at the top, replacing the traditional angel or star. But Burnett’s favourite is the Cornish Pixie mischievously holding onto the hat.

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