Monday, May 14, 2018

The DREAMERS- America, the land of Opportunity

It's 7am in the morning. Looking out of our hotel room window I see planes lining up one by one as they take off. Turning to the other hotel window I see *hotels. Hmm, I begin to ask myself questions; Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? It all begins to look like a dream. No! Not just a dream but a dream come true.
How Did I get Here?
I grew up like most Ugandas from a humble family with no privileges, in a 3rd if not 4th world country, no connections and did not even go to good schools. Of course with no rich friends or relatives. I remember the words of one of the professors at University during my undergrad course. He said, you can get anywhere you want to provided you are determined, committed and focused, let it be Microsoft or Google. #DR_PROF_OGAO. Those were the big tech giants then and since I was doing a technology course that's the example he gave. Those words sunk into my mind and heart and I was determined to try them. O boy, they have worked like charm. BUT IT HAS BEEN A ROUGH JOURNEY WITH SO MANY SACRIFICES AND TOILS. I HAVE TRIED AND FAILED SO MANY TIMES. There are times I have felt like a dull boy after failing miserably. But it always doesn't take me long to get up and try again (one gift GOD gave me, I believe). I fail a lot and win very very few times. Anyone willing to take the path should better prepare for the same, though it might not necessarily be similar. But all in all it is worthy it.
It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, who you know, your color or race. How good your accent is blah blah. Have goals and commit to them. Pray hard to God and trust him. No matter if you have only 2 seconds left to fail or crush. God will always jump in at the least time you expect Him to. Nature supports the hard working and committed. I have proved this myself. Please, avoid thinking negatively about yourself. Stop uttering negative jokes, they manifest in real life.
Be prepared to do what other people can't do. Don't underestimate yourself please. If you can't trust yourself then no one will trust you. If you can't believe you can do it then no one will. Very simple. Set GOALS or AMBITIONS. And they must be bigger than you. At least able to make someone think you are crazy!
Lastly but not least, GOD, GOD, GOD. God is real, God works. God intervenes. You loose nothing to risk trusting Him. What if He is there and you never trusted Him? There is no step I have taken and succeeded in without praying and trusting in God. Everytime I have attempted to try on my own, trust me I have flunked like an idiot.
To all Parents and Care takers:
My FATHER and mother. These guys have done their job. If all parents would do their job like these guys this world would be a better place than it is now. They imparted dreams in us when we were still innocent toddlers. I remember my father telling me that I shall live in the US. I was 6 years old if not less. He was broke and no way or thought how this was going to happen but he made the promise and everytime I met him he reminded me. Until I made it here. Parents have a big role to play in the lives of their children. Do not plan to do it when the child is at University or already out. Start mentoring when the child is not yet born. I don't how it happens but what you say is what happens. If you want good things to happen to your children, start telling that pregnancy good things.
The world has changed, it doesn't only need need people from well of backgrounds or just bright people but committed people. Hard working people and people with good hearts. People willing to make a difference in their lives and the lives of other people. You too can be one.
I can't honestly say I have made it to where I want to be, there is still much to do and I feel like the journey has just begun. I feel like I am still sleeping a lot, reading less, venturing less, meeting few people and praying and trusting in GOD less. I want to double if not triple my efforts. So should you.

Inspired by B.E

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