Sunday, February 16, 2014

HiPipo Video of the Year Review

The nominees in this category are Kata by Navio, Work It Out by Maurice Kirya, Tubonge by Jose Chameleone, Nzijukira by Ekky and Akuloga by Fusion Band.
This category kicks off with Kata by Navio. The concept of Kata is a deliberate fusion between traditional African life and modern life. This fusion is consistently executed right from choice of locations [setting], costuming and dance styles. Traditional African lifestyle rubs shoulders with contemporary lifestyle.
The performance in Kata is also very impressive. No eye can miss the interesting moves and beautiful costumes of the traditional dancers. The package is then filled up by non-traditional choreography. It is simply fantastic.
Then comes Work It Out by Maurice Kirya. The choreography is splendid, the energy is impeccable and the attitude of the performers is superb. This is one of those videos that deserve kudos.
Tubonge by Jose Chameleone also earned a comfortable nomination in this category. Mystical is probably the most powerful English word that can best describe this video. Literally speaking, the ghost of a man under intensive care walks all the way to church in search of his bride. This is cabalistic to say the least. The choice of an Ecclesia, the pigeon and the dashing shots of the bride all help in the execution of this concept.
Nzijukira by Ekky. In this video, the story of a naïve childhood friendship that graduates into love, is told impeccably. The choice of setting, costumes, props and activities cooperate well to enhance concept execution. The package is sealed by awesome camerawork and editing.

Finally, we have Akuloga by Fusion Band. This video has got a nice concept which is well executed. If you are Ugandan, then you’ve heard one or two stories rotating around marital charms and love potions. The choice of a rural setting comfortably helps bring out the common belief that such charms are rampant in rural areas. The choice of costumes and props is also amazing.

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