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How to make money on the internet Come Telexfree

To earn money for the intenet? Meet Telexfree

You've probably heard the Telexfree, is not it? But how this business really works and is it possible to make money by posting ads on the internet? See below.

What is Telexfree?
 The Telexfree Inc is an American company with over 9 years experience in telecommunications, who came to Brazil recently to generate savings in phone calls through technology MVNO (the famous VoIP), which allows you to make unlimited calls to any operator of fixed and mobile telephony in Brazil, USA, Canada and over 40 countries. To enter the telephony market, the company Telexfree Inc has partnered with the company Ympactus Comercial Ltda, which uses the trade name Telexfree use issues by brand and by virtue of a contract with the American Telexfree. The Ympactus (Telexfree Brazilian) performs all marketing using the internet and has physical headquarters in Vitoria - ES (Av Nossa Senhora da Penha, 356, Praia do Canto). It is worth remembering that it is regularly reported to the IRS that can offer services in the country through the CPNJ: 11.669.325/0001-88.

The product Telexfree
As a customer, you need to shell out U.S. $ 49.90 per month for unlimited talk with landlines and cell phones from any carrier using the product 99TELEXFREE company.

What is the work proposal offered by Telexfree?
 To publicize their telephony services, the Telexfree uses people to post ads on classified sites on the Internet, called promoters. The proposed work is basically the following: a person interested in participating should publish advertisements of products listed by Telexfree every day and they receive weekly from $ 20 to $ $ 100. To participate, a person must register on the site Telexfree and make payment of the membership fee.

How is the contract with Telexfree?
The interested in participating in what is called a promoter, signs a contract service advertising and communications recorded in the registry of deeds and documents of Vila Velha - ES. The contract is made between the person responsible for disseminating the ads that are transferred by Telexfree in your admin panel, and Telexfree itself, represented by the company YMPACTUS COMERCIAL LTDA. See a copy of the Contract of adhesion advertising services.

3 Ways to Gain in Telexfree

1 - Divulging classified ads on the internet Touting an ad a day, you earn $ 20 weekly. If you want to make the spreading of 5 ads daily, you earn $ 100 dollars a week. Although the contract, the company has placed you can only participate with a family Adcentral (5 ads per day) for CPF, Nov/12 this month, she released the accession of several Adcentrais family person. So you could get 11Adcentrais family then becoming a Team Builder and the privilege to post only one ad per day.

 2 - Earnings per indication Telexfree The second way to win is by appointment. You can gain an indication of the service 99TELEXFREE and also for referring new publishers.

For referring new publishers you earn: $ 20 per member to enter the Plan Adcentral simple you refer directly; $ 100 for each member to enter the Plan Adcentral Family you refer directly; $ 20 per pair of Adcentrais Main formed below for indications direct, indirect or spillover (network marketing). $ 60 per trio Adcentrais Additional formed below for directions direct, indirect or spillover (network marketing). In addition, there are other bonuses and ways to gain information, as in network marketing following: Royalties - The promoter to get inside of a calendar month (from the 1st until the 30th), closing 22 cycles will be entitled to apportionment of 1% of net sales of the company as a way of royalties. Team Builder - To achieve the status of Team Builder, the publisher should have a Adcentral Family and 10 Adcentrais Family Indexed by it directly into your network. The advertiser is qualified Team Builder will receive 2% of the net sales of the company, reaching a maximum of $ 39,600 dollars in 12 months.

3 - An indication of the service 99TELEXFREE
Indirect gain compensation of ads - The promoter will receive 2% on sales account 99TELEXFREE their publicists do, being up to the fifth level of the network. The advisers and clients can hire the use of VOIP communication through the software available on the website of Telexfree. When the publisher selling 99TELEXFREE an account that is to use the VOIP service, he will be entitled to 10% of the amount paid and 2% to the fifth level of the advisers direct and indirect, since each level has an active customer 99TELEXFREE. If you do not have an active client at that level, you earn 2% only at the levels they have a customer 99TELEXFREE active.

How does the weekly payments of Telexfree?
For each advertisement published weekly, Telexfree will pay you with a software 99TELEXFREE valued at U.S. $ 49.90. If you put 5 ads you have 5 products 99TELEXFREE in your virtual account, or U $ 249.50 in products.

Wait, but what I do with so many products?
 If you have clients interested in VOIP products, you can sell directly to them and pocket 90% commission, ie, U $ 44.10. Thus, you can win U $ 44.10 to U $ 224.95 per week. Thus, ways of receiving are different. You can choose to sell their package of services to anyone who is interested in talking unlimited. If you do not have anyone interested in buying the services, but another promoter of Telexfree are interested, you can negotiate a good value for both the value and transfer through the system. But if you do not know anyone to sell or pass on, just to resell Telexfree, which will pay $ 20 for the service on deposit in a bank account whenever you request, with a minimum $ 300 to request the withdrawal. You only asked by the system.

How to register in Telexfree?
To register in Telexfree you must access the link. There, you'll see how to make your registration and can remove all doubts about the deal. After registration, you receive all the support necessary to know more about the method of dissemination and also be able to disclose to others. Support is very important, without it you can not go very far, so take care to register for an indicator that the business is actually working for this know how to answer your questions. How much does membership to become publisher Telexfree? Depends how much will want to win. Adcentral Plan, you pay U.S. $ 299 and earn $ 20 a week by publishing an ad a day. For Plan Adcentral Family, you pay U $ 1,375 and receives $ 100 a week to post 5 ads daily. This value is equivalent to the membership one year contract and will only be renewed upon new membership. If the proposal is to make working, why do I need to pay an initial value? By signing the contract with Telexfree, you have access to the virtual office of the company where you can see the training and other tools to perform their work, plus 30 days free VOIP phone. The amount you pay in the membership goes to a fund Returnable Security deposit and you get your money back during the 12 months is the contract term. Ie, a part of what you get is the result of their work and the other part is the return of what you paid in membership. It is like a guarantee of commitment between you and Telexfree, which is then gradually returned as part of the weekly payments cited. Even the contract is informed that any publisher can request a certificate of deposit in the Fund Returnable deposit, for this, just ask him to Telexfree by email.

How will I perform work for Telexfree?
You must register in the program and pay the amount for the plan that you want to participate. After confirmation of payment of membership, you will receive a virtual office where you can find listings and tools to promote the products promoted by Telexfree. The publisher shall publish daily ads on various websites indicated by Telexfree and receive weekly pay for it. The absence of publication of notices in a single day implies the loss of the payment of that week. Post your ads is very easy and after training takes less than 1 minute per ad. The ad templates are ready in the system and just copy and paste on a website, and the company now offers more than 50 sites to choose Free Classifieds, facilitating their work. You do all the work without leaving home in just a few minutes and whenever you want, be it morning, afternoon or evening. Just be sure to do very close to midnight to avoid the risk of any unforeseen system or internet. What products will advertise for Telexfree? Until the date of publication of this article, the ads are all the product of his own Telexfree What is VOIP sold at U.S. $ 49.90, but the contract is explicit that Telexfree may disclose any type of product and advertisers should continue working under sorry for breach of contract. She also reports that the publisher has no responsibility for it with ads posted in classifieds sites on the Internet. The contract is expressly forbidden to use the word "investment." You should use the term in any written material MEMBERSHIP, company presentation or meeting (Item 2.6.5 Letter M). The same contract item is prohibited allusion to enrichment snapshot or without consideration of service. Should be informed that it takes work to get money. The Telexfree also announces that it reserves the right to deduct income tax and social contribution are when incidents.

What is the risk in joining Telexfree?
 As Telexfree can change the value of the contract and payment for advertising campaigns anytime (Item 4.4) this is a risk factor. However, as the amount paid is in the form of accession and composes an escrow fund returnable, the most that can happen is the amount paid by weekly adcentral be very low, but not below the amount paid for the membership, so your money is safe . In contract, Telexfree also states that if the publisher fails to publish an advertisement in the week will not receive payment for that week. So another factor to avoid risk is you commit to post ads daily

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