Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top 10 hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4, with all leaks prior to its presentation, no surprise too. Yes it did when we found out its price in Spain , 100 euros over who had the Samsung Galaxy S III a year earlier. To return to surprise comes this list with the 10 hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which were not mentioned in the pompous little presentation that took place in New York.

Screen with proximity sensor ,which like the Nokia Lumia 920 , is able to work even relocate gloves, or using intermediate devices directly instead of pressing it with your finger. The best thing is you do not even need to touch it, but approaching finger or other objects to it, is able to detect that motion to swipe or access features. In the picture below you can see the beam active despite the finger is located a few inches from the screen.

Barometer, thermometer and hygrometer all in one. Google already encouraged and promoted for Android device manufacturers including barometers, but South Korea has decided to go a little further to add more hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Super strong Screen , thanks to being a Gorilla Glass panel 3, three times stronger than its predecessor, the Gorilla Glass 2, which among other models joined to the previous model in the range, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Mobeam Technology , a startup from South Korea that had to incorporate standard on its new flagship. To display barcodes that can be read by laser scanners usual, without installing new hardware as NFC readers, for example. A group discount coupons.

Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5G , or fifth generation, which can reach 1 Gb speed, well above the 450 Mbps 802.11n reaching the current. There may be very leveraged to connect to Wi-Fi yet, but Samsung specific services, such as S-Beam.

Supports MHL 2.0 , which will sound a few, but would be interested to know that is a load standard chromatography. But only when connected to monitors or TV screens that have the same connector. Suitable for long sessions with video games, which devour battery rapidly.

Wolfson Sound Exynos version 5 octa . In countries where distributed version of 'eight' cores Samsung Galaxy S4, will also arrive in this model the Wolfson WM5102 audio chip, which improves the sound from the model with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600.

SwiftKey serial . If you remember, SwitfKey is the name of the keyboard that responds to gestures, and not to simple keystrokes, which was well received after its presentation. Unlike other terminals, which we purchased separately, the Samsung Galaxy S4 brings integrated. One of the hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that besides hidden, please many.

TripAdvisor integrated , to have at our disposal the largest database for travelers: flights, accommodation, etc. As integrated and customized the application name is 'TripAdvisor Samsung Edition', which also features a widget.

Emergency mode . Ideal for extreme situations. Within the settings you can activate this mode, which will be launched when you press and hold the volume buttons on the terminal. Then, take pictures from the front and rear cameras, and send them by mail to the contacts you have preselected.

Bonus tip : as can be seen in the image of Samsung Galaxy S4 at hand, the device has 13 different sensors: acceleration, magnetic fields, gyroscope, barometer, proximity, light, moisture, temperature, rotation, of gravity, linear acceleration, orientation, gyroscope and concealer.

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