Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet Richard Musaazi :A Ugandan Serving in UK Gov’t’s Crime Prevention Office

Richard Musaazi  was born in Mityana district in the early 70s.He is now serving in UK government as a Private Crime Fighter (Cyber Crimes). He also runs a Courier Company in West London.
Richard Musaazi
Richard Musaazi
Musaazi spared time to talk to our reporter ,Juma Nsubuga and explained his training and qualification in private crime investigation from the institute of private investigation in England and how he got a job in the UK government. Though he continues to serve under the UK government, he also desires to work for the Uganda government. He notes that Uganda is suffering with cybercrimes such as con men using the social media, computer hackers among others. His dream is to serve in the Uganda police to solve such problems since he qualified in crime investigations and prevention.
Below are excerpts from the Interview;
Nsubuga: Is Richard Musaazi your real name or it is an industry name
Musaazi : True, am Richard Musaazi
Nsubuga: Where was Richard Musaazi born?
Musaazi : I was born in the  early 70s to Mr Ssentiba Maaso and Mariam Namagambe in Mityana now Mityana district .My dad moved to Kisugu in Kampala  and started a business when I was only 3 months. So we used to go to Mityana during Holidays.
Nsubuga: How did you find early childhood?
Musaazi: I lived with my parents and siblings plus cousins with whom I played with. We were a close-family. All was good until the political instability of the 1980s war (NRA War). It was however impossible for us as a family to remain together, I saw my father being assaulted by Obote’s soldiers. My father was beaten by angry soldiers because they wanted money, and he was accused of being muyekera (rebel). I remember one day, dad called us all and told my older brothers that those who wanted to join rebels could go. For us who were young, he said that it was time to separate since we were risking getting killed.The following night the solders came back and my grand dad was beaten and after 7 days he died.
Nsubuga : Which schools did you go to?
Musaazi : I attended Kiwuliriza Nursery and Primary School I then joined Bakijjulula ,Namutamba Dem School and Namutamba .I went to Kasaka for my secondary Education. I then told my dad that all I wanted was to do a degree in police studies in UK or US and learn how to investigate cases. I reminded him of the people who beat him up and my grandfather with no legal follow-up.  He let me go.
Nsubuga : Which  course did you study at University College in the UK?
Musaazi:I did a Diploma in Private investigations at The Institute of Private Investigation and a Degree in Police studies and now BA (HON) in Criminal Justice Essex University in England
I enjoy helping people, I’ve always felt working as a Crime fighter would give me the opportunity to make the real positive difference in my community and  I also wanted  to know that what I do makes a difference in this world.
Nsubuga : What exactly is the role of a private investigator?
Musaazi: A Private investigator is a professional above else. Private investigators investigate civil cases
Nsubuga: What about a crime fighter?
Musaazi: Any person as a law enforcement officer or government official who works to prevent crime or to enforce criminal laws
Nsubuga : Would you ever consider joining the Ugandan Police?
Musaazi :  Ha ha ha ha In tomorrow’s Police yes, with an effective approach to cutting crime and to ensure that prison and rehabilitation work better, I also think New street level crime maps would give the public up-to date, accurate information on what is happening in their area so they can challenge the police, and get involved in the policing of their area.
Nsubuga : Ten years from now where should we expect to see Richard?
Musaazi : I will be in charge of some of these organizations here in Uganda,
Community Safety Partnerships, Independent Police Complaints Commission,
Independent Police Standards Commission, Or Serious and Organized Crime Agency
Nsubuga : Do you have interest in politics?
Musaazi No
Nsubuga : How can you describe Uganda’s Politics?
Musaazi : I’m not interested in politics I’m more interested in running tomorrow’s police Departments.
Nsubuga: How should Uganda’s crime fighting department be?
Musaazi: Any plan to fight and cut crimes should also cut reoffending. The Criminal justice system should mean that criminals expect more effective, tough punishments.

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